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Prague’s Salute Event at Carnegie Hall


Harmony Foundation,  with the support of the Czech Consulate and Government, produced a unique concert to pay tribute to the New York Police and Firefighters for their courage on 9/11.  The Prague’s Salute concert was not only an expression of global unity and admiration but also a show of support to those who experienced a darker side of terror. Various Czech, Slovak, and American political dignitaries as well as film director, Milos Forman, hockey player, Jaromir Jagr, and former Olympic ice skater, Aja Vrzanova-Steindler supported Harmony Foundation in this event.


The concert took place at Carnegie Hall on March 21, 2002, the first night of Spring. The Castle Guard & Czech Police Orchestra along with Lubica Vargicova, a Soprano from the Slovak National Theatre and Vienna State Opera, as well as other Czech opera and musical singers performed.


The Castle Guard & Czech Police Orchestra is an outstanding brass orchestra, which has been representing Czech music culture on highly professional level not only at home but also abroad. Since its origin in the First Republic it has resumed the former broad tradition of military orchestras in Austria-Hungarian Empire and simultaneously continued to represent the high musical standards of the Czech nation. With costumes designed by the great Teodor Pistek, Oscar Winner for costume design in Amadeus, this extraordinary orchestra is part of the International Prague Spring Festival renown worldwide. They, along with the talented singers, will prove to please our souls in their salute, with their look and sound unrivaled.


Thank you for having joined us at this event at Carnegie Hall.


A very special thank you to our talent:




Ivana Brožová, Alto

Andrea Dankova, Soprano

Kristina Kotyza, Child Soloist

Stanislav Kotyza, Baritone

Ivan Trnka, Tenor

František Zahradníček,  Baritone

Karel Zich, Tenor




Miroslav Hanzal, Chief Conductor

Václav Blahunek, Conductor

Libor Krmašek, Conductor

Josef Vejvoda, Conductor




Michael G. Rokos, Vice president: American Friends of the Czech Republic

Daniel Herman, Spokesman for Czech Multi-religious Conference

Thomas A. Dine, President of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty

Petr Gandalovic, Consul General of the Czech Republic in New York

Marta Kotyza, Founder, Harmony Foundation


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