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How Hope Grows


Harmony Foundation is inviting each country to be involved in preserving the memory of victims of terrorism by broadcasting a piece of music, Oratio Spei, dedicated to victims of all terrorism.  


It is an extraordinary opportunity that we would like to bring to the legions of caring people who support forever honoring and preserving the memory of those who suffered, those who lost loved ones, and those who died on those terrible days of terrorists attacks.  


Our souls represents who we are, what we value and what responsibility we have towards each other in times when we became board-less but safe-less. Politicians are franticly trying to co-op with unexpected movements of people from all over the world.  There is no easy solution; we can be patient but we cannot stay indifferent to what is going on.   There is a need to use any means that will help increase awareness among all of us, that we are united in conviction that terrorism is not acceptable.   Music will remind, realize and increase awareness of grief of those who suffered.


If  music "gives a soul to the universe" (Plato) then we have an obligation to bring people together by its special power.


Requiem The ORATIO SPEI was nearing completion on 9/11.  Shattered by the events of that day, Juraj Filas dedicated the music to all victims of terrorism.  


"It’s a magnificent work, on a Verdian scale"  -Matthew Gurewitsch


Harmony Foundation, a Czech-Slovak American philanthropy, is devoted to international peace and understanding.


Oratio Spei has grown in stature and acclaim, and has gained international recognition.  The target is to line up one radio station for each victim of the attacks.  If you are an interested radio station and would like to request access to the requiem, please contact



Participating radio stations :


United States 


California   - KDFC

Connecticut   -   WMNR 

Hawaii  -   HPR

Kansas     -  RADIO KANSAS   Massachusetts     -   WMNR  

Michigan   -    PR Interlochen

New York     - WQXR and WMNR

New Mexico     -   KENW-TV, DT, FM  KMTH-FM

Oregon     -   ALL CLASSICAL

Washington     -  KING 98.1 





Austria  -   RADIO KLASSIK

Armenia - Radio VEM


Czech Republic   -   VLTAVA

Estonia  -      KLASSIKARAADIO

Slovakia - DEVIN 



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